Terms of Use

PakBrowse is made for only Pakistani users to add, share and view classified advertisements in different categories. It acts a “Medium/Channel Only” between seller and buyer.


Advertisers are strictly urged to post relevant and useful advertisement content in any category, so that it will be beneficial for both advertiser and buyer. PakBrowse reserves the rights to overview/delete any advertisement based on posting guidelines.


As a medium, we are not responsible for the content of any advertisement on our website, damage, risk involvement or anything related with advertisement. We are not involved in communications between seller and buyer. Both parties agree to be responsible by their own.


Do not use abusive language and unethical content by any means. It includes advertisements of pornography, weapons, illegal drugs, dating, Infringing any third-party rights, any kind of scam, spam or any other illegal and unethical activity. PakBrowse reserves the rights to delete such content if reported. You are also advised to oblige by the law.


There may be secure website updates and all information will be saved/updated accordingly. However, due to some technical issue or fault beyond our control, we are not responsible for any kind of user information or advertisement related data loss.


By using our website, you agree that we will store your information that you provide during registration process and buyers can contact you regarding your ads at any time.


As a website user, you may be exposed to different third-party ads or content on our pages.


Terms of use can be changed at any time based on updates and ethical guidelines. Its your responsibility to check it if needed.